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Seashell bedroom

Drift away in your rocking chair to exotic adventures !

This 28 m² seashell themed bedroom celebrates traditional Papua New Guinea jewellery, including an intriguing nose ornament.

Enjoy relaxing in a rocking chair on the large 17 m² terrace with a stunning sea view.

The planter wall on the terrace enhances privacy from the neighbours.

Look at the tall grasses dancing in the summer breeze.

The oversize windows are just right for fresh air and lots of light..

Settle down. Let your mind drift and dream about faraway places and the treasures they hide !

Where have you been ? What did you bring back from your travels ?

There are some 12 000 permanent residents on the island of Korčula. (Do as the locals, pronounce the č as -tch- .)

Many of them have lived abroad or have relatives who emigrated to many places, including the USA, South Africa or Australia. Some say that, in Sydney, there are more people originally from the village of Blato than its current  population !

We even met an adventurous older man who rowed across to Italy in a small open fishing boat…and there are many other stories of travel, adventure and discovery.

Second and third generation emigrants also like to come back here, reunite with culture and tradition, visit the family or enjoy their holiday homes.

Take the opportunity to talk to the residents, you will be surprised by the languages they know and the places they have been !


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