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Marine bedroom

Marine bedroom kingsize double bed bathroom and WC behind striped wall

Welcome aboard your private cruise !

This 21 m² marine themed bedroom will remind you of traditional sunlounger cloth patterns, ship chandlers and driftwood collection during beach strolls.

The ceiling slopes upwards to allow oversize windows and a wide-open sea view.

The chandelier is a family heirloom.

The ship’s wheel is an original item, still with some good-luck charms left by the former captain.

Another artist left his heart here, painstakingly assembled from sea weathered drift wood.

Watch the fishing boats go out to sea, enjoy the view, you’re in the first row !

Let's take the boat out...

With some 1246 islands, islets and rocks in Croatia, there are many excursion destinations and boats are everywhere.

Rent a boat, pack a picnic and go out to claim an uninhabited place as yours for the day.

You won’t have to go far along the coast to find perfect getaways.

In the high season, it is recommended to plan boat rentals in advance.

Powerful or faster boats require somebody with a licence, either you or a local skipper.

We can help you with contacting rentals, skippers, advising on excursions.


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