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Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen sea view outside dining table for 12

All the tools for the MasterChefs.

Holidays mean time to enjoy yourself and good food, whether local cuisine in restaurants or cooking together.

The fully equipped kitchen is intended to reveal your “Master Chef” talents.

Generous, hardwearing work counters, fast-as-gas induction cooktop, multifunction oven and microwave and all the smaller appliances allow you to concentrate on what you will cook in comfort and ease.

Do you want to cook outside ? There is a gas-fired plancha barbecue waiting for you…

Just want a coffee ? Treat yourself to a cappuccino, make a nice decorative design in the cream !

The seating area for 3 is also the perfect place for a quick bite or sitting down to chat while preparing a family meal. Be quick to take your seat, other bystanders attracted by the hearty smell will have to stand and watch until the outside dining table is set !

Opportunities to meet are everywhere.

Coffee isn’t a beverage in Dalmatia, it’s an institution ! An opportunity to sit and chat, discuss family affairs or even do business, in a quiet and laid-back atmosphere. That’s why there are coffee-bars everywhere and why they are always busy.

Even though you can find most everything in the branded supermarkets or minimarts, you should try and buy local, home-grown vegetable and fruit in the nearby villages. They are not picture perfect but very natural and and so tasty.

As an alternative to the fish markets in Vela Luka and Korcula (be there early !), watch the ballet of the fishing boats. If they have a following of sea-gulls, the catch has been good. Follow the seagulls and buy some fresh fish right off the boat when it moors in nearby Brna.

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