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1001 nights bedroom

1001 nights bedroom kingsize bed bathroom and wc behind separation wall

1001 stories to tell.

The upward sloping ceiling of this 23 m² bedroom opens to oversize windows for an unobstructed sea-view.

The Arabian Nights theme and influences come to life fully in the evening. The starry ceiling pin-point lights complement the stars.

The coloured wall lights were brought back from Rajasthan. 

The old metal and velvet chairs are unusual but surprisingly comfortable.

The bedhead is an original moucharabieh privacy screen, allowing women to have a view without being seen.

Imagine Sheherazade, close but out of sight, telling you bed-time stories of times long gone and wonderful adventures. 

Ottoman influences

Korčula has a clear Venetian influence and legacy, you’ll see that most clearly in the buildings of the old Korčula town.

The Ottoman empire wasn’t far however, limited by the huge walls of Ston city on Pelješac peninsula. Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania are quite close also, in this area of multiple borders.

You’re likely to hear the common interjection of (h)ajde, come on! It’s in fact a word of Ottoman origin.

Turkish coffee is also a very common thing. The easy, domestic way of making coffee by boiling ground coffee in a pot, three time according to purists. Pour but wait for the coffee grounds to settle. After all, nobody is a hurry when it comes to coffee…This preparation along with the typical taste of the mix of roasted and ground coffee is an acquired taste and a welcome variation.

If you have been lucky to score some freshly made baclava or kadaifi sweet pastries from the bakery to accompany the coffee, you’re in for a double treat !

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