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Living Room

Living Room Large seating area couch armchairs and tables

Pool inside or outside ?

The living room area features a comfortable lounging area with Satellite TV.

With Astra and Hotbird 13E, there are more TV and radio stations than you can think of…

The surround media system also has an AppleTV, a Chromecast and inputs for your devices.

The low table is a former oil storage box, local stone, typical of the area, reclaimed from an old house. We do prefer nowadays to keep the pure and tasteful local olive oil in closed dark bottles !

The 6′ billiard (pool) table is a promise of lots of friendly challenges of skill. Not an expert ? Don’t worry, it’s easy to learn and we can introduce you to easy variants of the game..

It quickly converts into a large table, ideal for inside dining for 12, or just as a nice place to play games, work on your own or sit and chat.

The 3 sets of outside doors open on to the main terrace, in front of the infinity pool.

So inside or outside ? It’s easy to switch…

Trees and oil

There are olive trees everywhere on the island. Did you see ours ? The trees grow slowly and are caringly handed over through several generations.

 Like wine, there are many varieties, each with its own unique taste. Most families produce olive oil for their own consumption first, then may consider selling some of the surplus, depending on the harvest…or your persuasion skills.

Freshly pressed olive oil is a bitter, opaque pea soup. Leave it to stand and decant for a couple of weeks. Your patience will be rewarded by a shining, clear and delicately flavoured product. It’s a mandatory ingredient for most of the local recipes or just as seasoning.

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