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Family bedroom

Family room, twin beds on ground level, mezzanine level with 2 beds, office table, garden view

The industrial alternative to bunk-beds.

This bedroom offers 4 one-person beds, on two levels.

It’s meant for individuals, children, teenagers or a couple with two kids.

The upper gallery/mezzanine has a decidedly industrial look, the rest of the decoration is in the same utilitarian spirit.

The detached WC and bathroom, with shower and bathtub, are a few steps down the hall.

The room has a large work desk, a possible option for a quiet place to work, read or write. 

Steel-working and industry.

Croatia, and formerly Yugoslavia, have an established history and reputation of heavy and light industry.

You may still see some of the locally produced cars like Zastava, though they are becoming rare.

There are 3 shipyards on the island of Korčula in varying states of activity. The Radež shipyard is quite unusually located in the Blato, in the center of the island. There is a very wide road leading to a private bay with heavy lifting equipment where the finished half-assemblies are launched or towed away.


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