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Garden bedroom

Garden bedroom kingsize double bed doors to ground floor terrace

Room for surprises !

This cosy bedroom is located just behind the living room, on the ground floor. 

The outside doors open on to the main terrace, next to the stepped walled gardens on the west side. Just step outside to have a full sea-view.

The ensuite bathroom and shower have a distinctive pink mosaic floor. Some have called it Barbie’s boudoir…

The bed head decoration is an old original window screen and shutter with handcrafted wrought iron mesh.

Do you like the eclipse ceiling lights ?

Gardens, stone and water.

Natural stone is everywhere on the island and it can be cut and assembled in many different ways. In the fields, over generations, the larger stones have been piled up as dry walls, clearing land for planting and also limiting run-off in the steeper areas. The gardens on both sides of the villa are stepped planters for the same reason. The planters on the main terrace and on the upper one also enhance privacy from the neighbours.

The island is one of the greenest in Croatia, but water supply is not adapted to growing much vegetables and fruit. Drip irrigation for the gardens is a must in summer and a resource friendly option.

The immediate proximity to the sea and the generous summer sun are quite selective in deciding what grows naturally. Walk down towards the sea and look !

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