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Rent a luxury sea-side villa for up to 12 guests, on Korcula island, Croatia.

Luxury villa infinity pool sea view pine trees

Where will you spend your day ?

It’s nice to have a choice of places to spend your time.

There are 12 sun loungers around the infinity pool. Enjoy meals outside under the covered terrace. The natural stone bench is perfect for watching the sunset.

Below the pool, there is an additional terrace and a lawn bowling “pétanque” playing field. Sit and watch or challenge others to a friendly game.

Go further down along the path to the private sea-side bathing area and private boat mooring.

Care for a game ?

The local version of “pétanque” is known as “balote”. It is a very popular sport in Croatia. People can debate endlessly about the virtues of the different types of  materials used for the playing surface. It is easy to learn and fun to play. A perfect end-of-afternoon activity, leading up to pre-dinner cocktails.

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